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15 Minutes of Advice for Premeds LACKING Confidence | Ask Dr. Gray: Premed Q&A Ep. 109

15 Minutes of Advice for Premeds LACKING Confidence | Ask Dr. Gray: Premed Q&A Ep. 109

How can you beat imposter syndrome as a premed or med student? Today you get all my best tips for self-confidence and overcoming self-doubt on the premed path!

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For this week’s episode of Ask Dr. Gray: Premed Q&A, our student is just feeling like the application cycle is endless. And she’s wondering, will her lack of confidence continue in medical school? And how it that affect her performance as a doctor-in-training? Comparing herself to others is specifically where she struggles most.

• Does imposter syndrome ever really end as a physician?
• How to use tools like positive affirmation to push back against imposter syndrome.
• Why doubt is not only okay but actually a good thing as a premed, med student, and beyond.
• A physiological look at what anxiety and fear really are (the fight or flight response).
• How you can intentionally harness anxiety and turn it into excitement.
• How to logically break down your feelings of anxiety and whether they make sense or not.
• Why comparing yourself to others is a game you can never win.
• Why I always tell premeds to “run your own race.”
• Is medicine an exclusive club for people whose parents are physicians or people who came from money?
• My advice for putting physical reminders of positive affirmations around your home.

A takeaway thought: If you’re looking for reasons why you won’t get into med school, you will ALWAYS be able to find them. But guess what? You can also find stories of people who look just like you and have gone through this path and become a physician despite hurdles very similar to your own. You just need to get out there, do the networking, and find those people and those points of reference for your own success.

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