3 Pack Teens Cotton Menstrual Protective Underwear Girls Leak Proof Period Panties Women Postpartum Briefs

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Stretchy period panty that came with soft and highly breathable fabric.
No more embarrassing stains on clothing or mess of cleaning the mattress. our period panties is easy to clean, Make you feel comfortable and protected at the same time!
This protective stylist look underwear looks and feels like your favorite underwear but the main difference is in the quality and the technology that allows it to be breathable yet waterproof.
Most sanitary pads and tampons alone just can’t cope with collecting your flow.But with the worryfree period panties you can now be assured of worry-free nights and days, at work, meeting, school and social outings.
Our panties help to give complete protection against staining your clothes and sheets during your menstrual periods.
The worryfree period panty makes you worry-free and gives you complete protection and confidence at any occasions during your period.

It is your best friend during your discomforting menstrual period! They are great gift for women AND teenager girls,We understand the embarrassing moment our girls might have at school when they get stain on their clothes during their periods. while with the worryfree period panty it adds extra security to your girl’s day at school!
Why you need to choose period panties?
Avoid embarrassment and keep you good mood during menstrual period
You can choose any sleeping position as you like and have a sweet dream
The advantage of our period panties:
1.adopt 95% cotton & 5% spandex fabric, breathable, hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, stretchy and soft.most important, they are easy to wash.
2.Feminine design, our period panties are super cute, not traditional ugly “granny panties”

Machine Wash
Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex ;Leakproof lining(Do not have absorbent function):90% Cotton, 10% Polyster.Size XXS/XS fits girls 70Ibs-100lbs, Size S fits girls 100Ibs-120lbs. Size M fits girls 120lbs-145lbs
RECOMMENDED USE: young girl & women who just stated their first period. Menstrual cycle heavy flow, postpartum bleeding, fecal and urinary incontinence, postnatal recovery, weak bladder control
Full back coverge designed to hold postpartum pads or sanitary pads. The outside of this protective underwear is made of high quality Cotton, with features of breathable, hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, stretchy and soft. The inner lining is a cotton fiber and polyester which provides leakage protection in the center and rear of the underwear.
NOT for ABSORBENCY: The leak proof lining serves to prevent liquid going through, MUST use together with sanitary napkins, tampons, pantyliners, menstrual cups, maternity pads or incontinence pads
Machine wash cold, If desired, pre-wash, apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to remove blood