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30 Minute WEIGHTS Workout for Women over 50

30 Minute WEIGHTS Workout for Women over 50

Grab your WEIGHTS for this sweaty and challenging home workout designed especially for women over 50. Killer Bs, we’re boosting our metabolism and shaping our bodies with beautiful muscle tone in just 30 minutes!

And along the way, we’ll chat about WHY lifting weights so beneficial for women of any age. It’s great for:
? Increasing your calorie burn
? Building bone density
? Keeping your mind active
? Improving overall strength, and
? Shaping your body

Additionally, today’s complex strength training exercises will thoroughly work your upper body, lower body and abs, while also improving your balance. This workout is quick, efficient and effective – all without cardio or transitions to the ground! Warm up and cool down are included.


Timer is set for one minute intervals; complete each mini-circuit 3x

Mini-Circuit 1
Pull Aparts
Split Squats (one interval on each side)
Side Bends

Mini-Circuit 2
Alternating Press Ups
Rear Lifts (one interval on each side)
Twisting Torsos

FINISHER (complete one interval on each side):
Squatted Elbow to Knee Crunches


❤ Pahla B



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