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(50pcs) MRE (Meal,Ready-to-Eat) Stand-up Mylar Bag with Re-sealable Zip-Top for Long Term Food Storage, 8.5”x8.5” / (Strong 7 mil/180 micron Thick)

Price: $34.97
(as of Nov 27,2021 01:30:11 UTC – Details)

THICK 7 MIL: You spend a great deal of time and money preparing your food. Don’t let bags that are too thin ruin your efforts. Our bags are made from 7 mil thick Mylar to protect your investment.

ALUMINIUM FOIL: Our Mylar bags are made with an aluminum foil layer as opposed to an aluminum spray layer found in other bags. This provides a thicker and more even layer providing better protection.

MEAL READY to Eat (MRE): The dimensions of the bag are designed to allow consumption right of the bag. Of course you can still empty the contents on a plate if you desire.

GENEROUS SIZE: 1.4 quarts, 5.5 cups, 1340ml allows for a generous hearty meal

HEAT SEAL-ABLE top to lock in freshness.

TEAR NOTCH allows easier opening when you are on the go.

ZIP LOCK: Add water to your meal and reseal with the built-in zip-top until your meal is ready to be enjoyed.

STANDS UP: When filled, the bottom gusset allows the bag to stand up on its own so it can be easily stored on a self until you are ready to take it with you.

REUSABLE: As a reusable bag it is more environmentally friendly then a single-use disposable bag. Making it great for hiking, camping, bugging out, etc

ENVIRONMENT: A tree seedling will be planted for each unit purchased.

Dimensions and features specifically designed for MRE (Meal, Ready-to-Eat)
HIGH QUALITY! Protects you food for long term storage
Tough thick 7mil/180 micron for puncture resistance and durability
Does not allow water, light or oxygen to penetrate. Preserving your food
Re-sealable zip-top allows reuse