6 Of The Best Victories We’ve Made For Nature In The Time Of Coronavirus

Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, this year’s Earth Day would unfortunately have to be spent indoors. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate, especially when nature itself achieved some victories while we’re all inside.

Here are some of them:

60 Million Eggs Laid By Sea Turtles In India

While it is essentially birthing season, sea turtles recently gathered in East India to lay their eggs before going back to the ocean. Thankfully, no humans were around to mess with them, letting the shelled critters to lay some 60 million eggs. That’s a lot of eggs, especially since sea turtles are already endangered creatures.

Wildlife Trade Ban

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of the pandemic is that animal rights activists and conservationists have had more ground to call for the ban of illegal wildlife trade. To that end, China has already taken a step by temporarily banning its wildlife trading market.

Free Animals Reign

When the humans go away, the animals come out and play? Or at least, roam around since the coronavirus pandemic resulted in wild animals exploring and roaming freely in our cities. And when we say wild animals, we mean wild animals because everything from spotted deer to sheep and even elephants started doing some urban hiking. Heck, a few goats even started hanging out at a McDonald’s.

Elephant Break

Because of the pandemic, traditional festivals held during March and April in India wouldn’t be including the usual elephants. This may not seem like a big deal, but for the elephants (which are usually undernourished and maltreated), this is a really good thing.

Reduced Pollution

Because of decreased cars and factories that are operating, the amount of carbon emissions that we’ve made is significantly lower. Lockdown may not be the best thing for us, but it sure is letting our planet take a long and much-needed break.

Increase In Adoptions

One other silver lining to the lockdown is that animal shelters are experiencing an outpouring of support from people that want to adopt all their animals to give them home through the pandemic and beyond. In fact, a lot of them are even running out of animals to offer for adoption.

turtles Per news, turtles were recently able to lay 60 million eggs in East India amid the coronavirus. Pixabay

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