7 Bold Predictions for Medtech After COVID-19

Paying Closer Attention to Viral Mutations

A couple of weeks ago, MD+DI interviewed, Joern Mosener VP of Assay R&D and clinical affairs of Luminex. The company had just been granted emergency use authorization for tests that would detect viruses that cause COVID-19. During the interview, Mosener noted that biosurveillance of viruses is going to be a key point moving forward.

“That means that we as a diagnostic industry have to ensure that on a constant basis, we monitor the viruses that materialize out there and also update our tests more quickly if something new shows up,” Mosener told MD+DI. 

He’s absolutely right. These viruses have the potential to mutate and if the current pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that diagnostic companies need to prep and be ahead of the curve as much as they can. 

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