Air Travel Could See Changes Post-Coronavirus Lockdown

What would air travel potentially look like in a post-coronavirus world? One Italian manufacturer has an idea for a new seating arrangement and it actually makes a lot of sense.

Air Travel In A Post-Coronavirus World

As the world continues to struggle with the coronavirus while waiting for experts and researchers to finally develop a definitive vaccine against it, it’s a bit hard to imagine the world going back to normalcy soon, if we can even go back to that in the first place.

What’s likely, however, is that the time will come that we will take to the skies once again and use it as a means for travel, even before a vaccine for the coronavirus has been made.

But what would that possibly look like? Wouldn’t the cramped seats and small hallways be the actual opposite of our social distancing protocols? Surely that big hunk of metal flying in the sky wouldn’t have enough room inside to make sure all people are at least 6 feet apart, right?

Well, one Italian manufacturer by the name of Aviointeriors recently released a concept seat design that would make flying with strangers in a coronavirus-infested world more palatable and safer.

Released through their Instagram page, the manufacter recently released the “Janus” seat design that works around the possibility of putting infected people next to each other on a plane by simply using a glass partition between each seat and reversing the middle one to help mitigate the risk of spreading the virus.

This means that the first and third seat would be normal-facing, while the one in the middle will be reversed, all while the three are separated by glass partitions.

“This arrangement allows all three passengers to be separated with a shield made of transparent material that isolates them from each other, creating a protective barrier for everyone. Each passenger has its own space isolated from others, even from people who walk through the aisle,” the manufacturer said, even adding that the partition has different options for transparency.

However, it remains to be seen how passengers would feel about the design.

airplane What would air travel look like in a coronavirus world? Pixabay, public domain

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