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AliveCor, who specialise in personal ECG products, and OMRON Healthcare, a personal heart health and wellness technology company, have announced a global, strategic alliance that combines AliveCor’s ECG technology with blood pressure devices from OMRON aimed to better serve customers and expand access to remote patient care.

This partnership aims to deploy non-invasive remote monitoring devices to facilitate patient monitoring while reducing patient and healthcare provider contact during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

AliveCor CEO Priya Abani said: “At AliveCor, we are committed to providing life-saving cardiological services to those who need them most. The scope, scale, and strategic importance of this transaction are unprecedented in our corporate history. OMRON’s enormous R&D and distribution resources will bring AliveCor technology to more markets and more end users than ever before.”

Those with chronic illness, including heart disease, are at higher risk of infection of COVID-19. AliveCor and OMRON aim to serve this vulnerable population every day by allowing patients to send personal health data to physicians without leaving their homes.

Isao Ogino, president and CEO of OMRON Healthcare, said: “The integration of these complementary technologies allows us to expand the heart health data we provide our customers and physician partners for a more complete picture of a patient’s heart health. Our mission is ‘going for zero’ heart attacks and strokes. It is a lofty goal and we have committed to combining forces with like-minded partners to achieve it. OMRON has already made important strides with AliveCor to advance our mission and this expansion of that collaboration, including the development of remote patient monitoring services, is a valuable boost to our growing healthcare portfolio.”

The first technology collaboration between the two companies is the OMRON Complete. Introduced in 2019, Complete is a blood pressure monitor with ECG capability in a single device. The companies expect this product to be the first in a line of integrated ECG and blood pressure devices making home heart care more accessible.

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