Aquegel Cold & Flu Nasal Moisturizer + Zinc, 12-Hour Zinc Absorption, Zinc Cold Therapy, Cold & Flu Protection, Virus Protection, Reduce Onset & Severity of Cold & Flu, Virus Resistance, Dry Nose

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Americans suffer through roughly 500 million colds annually! That is about 2-3 colds per person per year (kids get more)! On average, we spend $40 Billion annually combatting the common cold. Aquegel Cold & Flu Moisturizer is specifically formulated to feel relief from all aspects of a cold: onset, duration, severity, and symptoms. IMMUNE SUPPORT, NATURAL MUCUS DEFENSE FROM COLD/FLU/VIRUSES – Your body’s mucus acts as a barrier, trapping viruses and the common cold before they are inhaled into your respiratory system. Support your body’s natural mucus defenses. When applied nasally, Aquegel Cold & Flu creates a moisture barrier of zinc inside your nostrils, boosting your body’s natural mucus, which traps and neutralizes virus germs before they are inhaled through your nose and into your respiratory system! ZINC COLD THERAPY – REDUCE SEVERITY & DURATION OF COLDS – You notice your throat is scratchy & irritated. A couple hours later sore throat, stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing, and coughing! Most likely, you inhaled rhinovirus through your nose. The virus lodged itself to your mucus membranes and began multiplying! Aquegel Cold & Flu slowly provides zinc gluconate which is known to stop the replication of the cold virus to reduce the severity of cold symptoms. Studies show that using a zinc cold therapy at the first start of symptoms can decrease the duration of your cold! NASAL DRYNESS, NASAL CRACKING, NOSEBLEEDS, & OXYGEN THEREAPY – Is your nose dry, red, chapped, & chaffed from a cold? Whether your nasal irritation & dryness is caused from CPAP, Oxygen concentrators, dry climates or colds…Aquegel is the solution! Aquegel’s formula is 50% Moisture, weight by volume, and acts like an aqueduct, slowing providing moisture (and Zinc) over 12-hours. Aquegel’s gel is applied directly to the nostrils bringing moisture relief directly to the source!

REDUCE SEVERITY & DURATION OF COLD & FLU – Studies have shown that zinc gluconate can reduce the severity & duration of a cold by stopping the rhinovirus from lodging in the mucus membranes and multiplying. Effectively shortens the common cold!
12-HOUR ZINC ABSORPTION – Aquegel’s time-released formula is applied to the nostrils and provides 12-hour zinc absorption (no postnasal drip). Zinc lozenges, liquid concentrates, & capsules completely absorb within 2-hours, have horrible metallic tastes, and can cause nausea.
HOW IT WORKS – Your body temperature activates Aquegel’s gelatinized base, releasing microscopic moisture & zinc gluconate bubbles called micro-encapsulations! Aquegel’s base continues to dissolve, one layer at a time, and acts like an aqueduct, providing 12-Hours of the power of zinc gluconate AND moisture for all day relief!
NASAL DRYNESS, NOSEBLEEDS, & OXYGEN THEREAPY – Is your nose red, chapped, cracked, dry, or bleeding from a Cold?…Dry climates?…CPAP? STOP SUFFERING! Aquegel’s formula is 50% Moisture, weight by volume and actually provides water to relieve the toughest nosebleeds, dry nose, nasal cracking, nasal redness, and nasal irritation!