Ascensia Diabetes Care Partners With VisiQuate to Expand Beyond Blood Glucose Monitoring

What You Should Know:

– Ascensia Diabetes Care and VisiQuate announced a
partnership to expand beyond blood glucose monitoring and provide holistic
diabetes management solutions.

– The overall solution will provide integration with
Ascensia’s existing devices and digital diabetes solutions to enable it to
capture data from patients who have consented to provide their information.

Ascensia Diabetes Care,
a Santa Rosa, CA-based provider of blood glucose monitoring systems (BGMS) is
teaming up with VisiQuate, a healthcare
analytics company on their digital diabetes management platform.
The strategic partnership will serve as a key element of their strategy to
expand beyond blood glucose monitoring and provide holistic diabetes management

Integration Details

The overall solution will provide integration
with Ascensia’s existing devices and digital diabetes solutions
to enable it to capture data from patients who have consented to
provide their information. The platform will then provide analytics
for contracted health plan clients, analytics and engagement for involved
providers, and internal analytics to support Ascensia’s business
operations. It will also include a diabetes educator platform.

“The future of diabetes management is more than just using devices and medications. Collecting and analyzing data to provide actionable personalized management recommendations will be critical to improving the health and lives of people with diabetes. We believe in the importance of building a robust data platform that can enable us to capture data and offer management solutions for patients, physicians and health plans,” explained Martin Gerber, Global Head of Innovation, Ascensia Diabetes Care. “We looked at a great number of patient-centric solutions in this space and saw that VisiQuate’s HealthMobile.D solution and data platform was the best option to support our data strategy. We are excited to be working with a market leader in this field to implement this new platform for our business and offer a new data driven option for people with diabetes.”

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