Best Apps To Stay Connected Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

While an increasing amount of people are encouraged to stay at home and self-isolate for the time being amid the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people are looking for ways to stay connected, especially with friends and loved ones. And if you’re one of those wondering how one can do that, then the supercomputer in your pocket has got you covered since modern technology has made it tons easier to stay connected with everyone, anywhere you might be. And frankly, staying connected has never been more important.

“Isolation cuts against our natural impulses that have evolved to make us fitter, healthier, and safer. That is probably why it can be so uncomfortable to be isolated for extended periods of time,” Dr. Michael Craig Miller, assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, said.

And if you’re looking for a quick heads-up on where to best stay connected, here are some of the top best apps that you can use to keep connected with the people that are important to you:


As an app, Snapchat offers a simple and fun way to send short messages and videos. For example, the app provides filters that let you add anything from stickers to silly hats and effects to the videos you record and send. Messages also disappear after a short amount of time.


Just like most messaging tools these days, WhatsApp lets you send messages and make phone calls with or without video. Additionally, it also lets you send (and receive) other types of documents besides the usual photos and videos.


Coming preloaded into all Apple iPhone units, FaceTime allows you to call people anywhere in the world and talk to them via video call (or audio call, if you prefer), so long as they are using an iPhone too.

Videoconferencing Platforms

Forced to telecommute because of the pandemic? No worries because videoconferencing platforms like Zoom, Skype and Slack can easily fit your needs and let you stay connected with your colleagues from the office. They’re also incredibly efficient, and is free from any limitations.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Test Kit A medical staff displays a test kit to detect the novel coronavirus at a COVID-19 screening-drive, at the Amsterdam UMC in Amsterdam The Netherlands, on March 24, 2020. ROBIN VAN LONKHUIJSEN/ANP/AFP via Getty Images

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