Best Exercises To Correct Your Posture While In Quarantine

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, physical distancing measures are implemented to slow the transmission of the virus, causing most businesses to close their doors for the time being. These businesses include gyms, workout studios and other facilities that promote physical exercises.

This causes most of us who are following community quarantine orders to be stuck at home for weeks to come, which means that we would probably spend most of our time inside sitting down. Sitting down may be something normal for some of us who are used to working at home while sitting at a desk prior to the outbreak. However, for many others, this can create unwanted, unintended consequences on posture and overall health throughout the duration of the quarantine period. In fact, too much sitting for longer periods of time is found by studies to be dangerous, even fatal, to our health in the long run.

Charlee Atkins, CSCS., is a certified trainer who is always eager to help guide her office working clients to better posture. A former SoulCycle master instructor, she knows how extremely tough it is to get the right posture, having spent much of her time hunched over the handlebars of indoor exercise bikes.

“Attention desk warriors: Are you doing these exercises?” Atkins asked, via Men’s Health. “Let’s face it, we sit at desks and look at phones all day.”
Lasting 45 seconds each with a rest time of 15 seconds, Atkins has shared her set of exercises that will help correct your posture while on home quarantine. All of these exercises require not a pair of dumbbells or specialized equipment for you to complete — everyday household items such as water bottles and a bag of salt can do the job nicely. Here are her posture-improving exercises:


“Carries are great for the core and posture. My favorite cue: Puff your chest out like you’re walking out of the gym on chest day,” Atkins said.


Rows “work your back muscles,” and also help “retract and depress the shoulder blades.”

Y-Raises And T-Raises 

“Y-Raises and T-Raises are great warm-up drills to do before any upper body day,” Atkins said. “In fact, you should do these before the start of any day.”

Scapular Push-Ups 

Scapular Push-Ups help “mobilize the shoulder blades.”

Around The Worlds 

Around The Worlds involve using a light weight and taking your arms through their full range of motion. “Try the exercise kneeling to eliminate the ankle and knee joints so you can put more focus on your arms and core,” Atkins said. 

You can do her set of posture-improving workouts either once as a warm-up for an upper body day, or three times through for a quick stand-alone corrective series.

Poor Posture Poor posture can wreak havoc on your health. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

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