Blood-Clotting Complication Killing COVID-19 Patients

Medical experts and physicians continue to battle the COVID-19 virus, something that most generally know causes respiratory problems. However, it appears there are other effects it brings to an individual. The latest mystery leaving doctors befuddled are blood clots appearing in select patients.

According to the Washington Post, doctors are now uncovering blood clots in the lungs and bodies of patients. Some of the patients are in critical condition, while others diagnosed to have it are healthy enough and sent home. If not addressed, these clots can travel and create blockages in veins, something that would eventually lead to heart attacks and other issues.

The discovery is the new twist for doctors who initially thought they figured out how the coronavirus spreads. But these new bizarre and unsettling cases are something they must now figure out and something that they were unable to learn about from their training. The best they can do for now is prescribe blood thinners and temporarily conclude that such occurs due to abnormal changes in a patient’s blood.

“The problem we are having is that while we understand that there is a clot, we don’t yet understand why there is a clot,” Lewis Kaplan, a University of Pennsylvania physician and head of the American Society of Critical Care Medicine, said. “We don’t know. And therefore, we are scared.”

Patients who had previously been diagnosed positive of COVID-19 and sent home may not completely be in the clear. There are reports of the COVID-19 virus being reignited once more and some could have complications such as this mysterious blood clotting. A 49-year-old who is recovering at New York City can attest to that.

In a report from the Business Insider, Michael Reagan had been diagnosed with COVID-19 back in March. He was recovering from home for weeks and was taking an antibiotic called azithromycin to treat the infection as well as hydroxychloroquine.

He was having a hard time breathing, had a high fever and coughed up blood. Reagan admitted he was feeling a bit better last week before he experienced high fever once more together with chest pain. It turned out he had coronavirus-related pneumonia that had spread to his lungs. He was informed by a pulmonologist that he had dozens of little blood clots through his lungs.

“It feels like a toxin is in my body,” Reagan said. “I had no idea a blood clot could hurt so bad. I’m just trying to be still and let myself heal.”

Hemophilia is a blood disorder in which patients do not have enough platelets or clotting factors in their blood. Hemophilia is a blood disorder in which patients do not have enough platelets or clotting factors in their blood. This is a diagram of the elements that make up blood. National Institutes of Health

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