Bored While Social Distancing? Try Doing A Video Call With A Sanctuary Animal

Aching to connect with someone (or something) through a video call amid the COVID-19 pandemic? Forget about green screen backgrounds and awkward celebrity pop-ins because an animal sanctuary offers some of its wildlife buddies to be part of your next video chat, all for a little payment of $50.

Video Chat With An Animal

As America (and the rest of the world) continues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, an increasing amount of people stuck inside their homes are turning to video conferences and chats in order to maintain connections with friends, families and loved ones.

However, for those who want something a little bit different and has the cash to spare, Colorado’s Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary offers something you may have not thought about: video conferences with their animals for a $50 donation.

The Erie-based sanctuary is reportedly offering live, virtual experiences from some of its animals such as Tito the cow, Athena the pig and Luna the duck, all to help raise money and brighten people’s moods as we go through this quarantine period together.

“We’ve been brainstorming ideas since this whole thing happened on ways to do more virtual interactions. Those of us missing animals are really bummed that we can’t see them right now, so it seemed like it would be fun to try this, especially since we’ve seen celebrities and others doing it,” Hanna Kircher, marketing coordinator for the five-year-old nonprofit, said. “This can be for literally anything. It doesn’t have to be for a business meeting. It can be just friends hanging out having an online happy hour.”

Besides the video conferences, the nonprofit animal sanctuary also offers free virtual tours and field trips to various school groups as well as a program where children can read to the chickens. Per executive director Shartrina White, these opportunities help children connect better with animals, all while helping them learn.

“There’s something almost magical when we are connected with non-humans. It not only helps us psychologically, but physically, too. Laughter, joy, love, and connection to nature and animals inspires us and helps us get through those difficult moments,” White said in a recent press statement.

Cow An animal sanctuary is reportedly offering video conferences with their animals for people who are stuck at home amid the pandemic. Annie Spratt/Unsplash

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