Common Coronavirus Myths You Need To Be Aware Of

With the world continuing to struggle under the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to make sure that everyone is properly informed about the spreading disease and that what they know are hard facts. Unfortunately, there are still a slew of myths about the coronavirus that floats around the internet, which can easily misinform people and impressionable young minds.

So if you’re one of those people who aim to understand this virus better, then here are common coronavirus myths and why they are wrong:

There is a COVID-19 vaccine

Unfortunately, there is still no vaccine against the virus, although experts and manufacturers are hard at work to develop one as soon as possible. As such, most projections believe that a vaccine will be available sometime around 2021.

Warm weather protects you from the virus

One other myth is that the coronavirus will go away with the summer because many equate it with the yearly flu season. Unfortunately, a patient’s susceptibility to the virus outweighs all other factors since the new coronavirus doesn’t follow a similar pattern as other infectious diseases.

I can’t infect others because I am not sick

Because many patients remain asymptomatic, they believe that they can’t infect others. However, research has shown that the coronavirus can easily spread. In fact, a newer study even states that a huge bulk of confirmed COVID-19 cases may have come from asymptomatic carriers that are unaware they carry the virus.

Children and infants are safe

As the coronavirus mainly infects the elderly and people with compromised immune systems, people usually think that children and infants are safe from it. This isn’t true, however, because there are cases of children and babies getting sick as well. And since much is still unknown about the virus, it’s best to keep everyone safe from it as much as possible.

You need a special soap to kill the germs

This is a myth. The truth is antibacterial soaps work no better than regular and plain soap since the key to keeping yourself safe from the virus is by properly washing your hands.

coronavirus Slower clearance of coronavirus infection may explain why men fare worse than women. Photo by Tai’s Captures on Unsplash

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