Copper Compression Socks for Men & Women(3 Pairs),15-20mmHg is Best for Running,Athletic,Medical,Pregnancy,Travel

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FuelMeFoot compression socks have unmatched color combination options and unique packaging.Compression socks will benefit better blood circulation, strengthen muscles, and protect joints.

US Sizing Guide – Women

S/M Women| Shoe 6 – 10 | Calf 12in – 20in

L/XL Women| Shoe 11 – 15.5 | Calf 14in – 23in

US Sizing Guide – Men

S/M Men| Shoe 6 – 9 | Calf 12in – 20in

L/XL Men| Shoe 10 – 13 | Calf 14in – 23in


– Frequent travelers or anyone taking a long plane flight

– Masseurs, cosmetologists, and stylists

– Teachers, Warehouse, packing, or delivery occupations

– Sports, running, hiking, biking.

– Pregnant woman, Nurses and doctors

– Business people with desk positions that require prolonged sitting

– Construction workers, chefs, line workers, and restaurant serving staff

– Jobs that require you to be on your feet a lot and MORE!

– Or you are just that loving person wanting to show how much you care but running short of gift ideas

FuelMeFoot compression socks will relieve you of this pain:

–Longer durability
–Aids with joint and muscle recovery
–Offers rejuvenating relief from arthritis, aches and pains
–Enhances blood circulation, stimulates oxygen airflow to the muscles
–It minimizes injury, offers optimal muscle support during casual everyday activities
–Can be comfortably worn all day and night
–with Copper Ions bound to the fibers level during manufacturing to help reduce odor
–High Performance fabric keeps an optimal calf/foot temperature







BEST Fit for your Legs/Feets

We develop our sizing guides to help ensure that the products fit you great by thoroughly testing and verifying the sizes prior to sale

Compression 15-20mmhg

CAN HELP PREVENT DVT: Deep vein thrombosis is a serious concern for many people. These socks provide therapeutic compression and control from the ankle all the way up the calf and shin. This compression may help improve blood flow and prevent blood clots and pulmonary embolism, which can have fatal consequences.


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✅REDUCE INJURIES – Provide mild squeezing for warmness and enhance blood moving through your legs. Remove stress and stimulate every cell, relieves symptoms varicose veins and excess fluid retention. Help relieve pain & discomfort related to plantar fasciitis, Provides true graduated compression to support your legs, reduce fatigue, soreness, cramping and prevent injuries at the same time.
✅UNIQUE MATERIAL- Our products feature a unique copper-infused, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric that stays warm in cold temperatures and cooler when the temperature rises. Copper’s unique properties help eliminate odor allowing you to wear your sleeve longer without worry of offending those around you at the gym or at work. The remarkable fabric helps keep your skin dry and comfortable even in extremely hot temperatures.
✅3 PACK OF COMPRESSION SOCKS – You no longer have to settle. You decide on the assortment based on your taste, lifestyle, age or sex. Each bundle provide the high quality, performance and durability. Whether you work in an industry that requires long hours of standing-up or sitting down.You can all benefit from using the compression socks.
✅GIFT IDEA – If you are struggling with a gift idea to a loved one or a casual friend, this is will reduce your anxiety without even you wearing them J. Great gift choice for joggers, athletes, workout fanatics, office workers, ok..can we just say whoever use their leg extensively. Passion and customer obsession is our key principle. So shop with 100% confidence, if you are not happy with the purchase for any reasons, contact us for an exchange or 100% refund with no questions asked.

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