Couple Holds Wedding In Video Game After The Pandemic Cancelled It

Thanks to the coronavirus, a lot of planned events had been cancelled for the foreseeable future, be it a booked vacation, a trip to the mountains, a school graduation or even marriage. Such is the case for Sharmin Asha and Nazmul Ahmed, who had to cancel their wedding because of the pandemic. So what did they do? Well, get married in a video game, of course.

Couple Holds Wedding In A Video Game

Hailing from New Jersey, the 28-year-old couple unfortunately had to scrap their plans for their 150-person April 12th wedding reception in Brooklyn until next year, all because they deem the coronavirus makes it very dangerous for a lot of people to be so close to each other under the same roof all at once. Their plan to have their first dance to Louis Armstrong’s “A Kiss to Build a Dream on” was also placed on hold.

“We were basically 99-percent ready to get married, which unfortunately did not happen,” Asha said.

To make up for the disappointment of having a booked wedding postponed, the couple then decided to pick up the new game “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” and started playing thanks to a recommendation. A life simulator game where you make friends and build arts and crafts, the couple enjoyed the experience. But then Asha received an unexpected surprise.

“Nazmul invited me over to collect resources [on his island] since he had been playing longer than me. As soon as I got there, he was at the airport and there were arrows on the ground. He told me there was some special in-game event, so we followed them,” Asha said.

Asha then followed the arrows all throughout the town, which eventually led to a beach where Ahmed had planned a surprise in-game beach wedding along with their friends. Per Ahmed, he got everything ready on the same day and had their friends on mute until the time of the big reveal.

“It took me around four or five hours to set the whole thing up. Our friends played [the game] already, so they were immediately on board,” Ahmed said.

As more and more people are staying at home to practice social distancing, an increasing amount of people are turning to video games to pass the time, and in the couple’s case, to get married. Of course, they still plan on getting married in person when this is all over.

Video game A couple reportedly decides to hold their wedding in a video game because of the coronavius. Anton Porsche/Pixabay

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