Electy Reusable Paper Towels – 20 Bamboo Paper Towels with 2 Wash and Storage Bags, 6 Month Supply, Zero Waste! Heavy Duty – Eco Friendly Paper Towels – Unpaper Towels – Paperless Paper Towels

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Price: $11.99
(as of Jun 11,2021 05:30:55 UTC – Details)

◆ 20 reusable and washable bamboo paper towels, 11.5” x 12”
◆ 2 washing & storage bags

◆ $ saving
◆ Saves trees
◆ Natural, Organic, Sustainable and Biodegradable
◆ NO chemicals
◆ Softer, stronger, more absorbent and durable than regular paper towels
◆ 6 months supply of paper towels

Napkins, personal care, cleaning tables andcounters, dishes, bathrooms, cars, dusting, mopping and so much more.
Why choose our bamboo paper towels?
✔ Highest quality – These paper towels are softer, bigger, very absorbent and will not tear.
✔ Storage bag system – What to do after you use a cloth? Rinse and reuse until the cloth is dirty. Then, store the dirty cloths in the DIRTY bag. Once clean, store the cloths in the CLEAN bag. The bags can be hung for easy access.
✔ Washing bag system – The cloths are so easy to care for. Place the DIRTY bag right into your washing machine. Youcan also put the bag into the drier. This way they won’t get misplaced within your laundry.
Enjoy using these soft cloth-like towels, but with zero waste, after 70 uses per cloth, you can be confident in knowing that they are biodegradable. By choosing these towels, you have made the choice to use a high quality product that you will be happy using, while also contributing to saving our forests and your time and money.
Product Dimensions‏:‎12 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches; 10.55 Ounces
Date First Available‏:‎September 23, 2020

Soft, Strong & Versatile – Gentle on skin and strong enough for dirty messes and they won’t tear! Ideal for the kitchen, bathroom, garage, outdoors, personal care, baby wipes and more. After using these, you won’t want to use other paper towels.
Machine Washable & 2 Storage Bag Bonus – Use, rinse, reuse then store in the provided DIRTY bag. You can easily wash and dry the towels in this bag then store in the CLEAN bag for continued use. These bags are larger, won’t shrink and dry quickly.
Save Time & Money – Our reusable paper towel roll will help you save your money by only paying once, like regular paper towels, but unlike them, you can use our reusable towels over and over, lasting up to 6 months before having to shop again.
Eco-Friendly Choice – As a paper towel alternative, there are no chemicals used in growth or creation. Bamboo is sustainable and quickly renewable, so you are protecting our forests. Once finished, these reusable bamboo towels are biodegradable.