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Elite Trash Bags Garbage Bags Waste Bags Toiletry Bags, Portable Toilet Replacement Bags Bathroom Bag, Biodegradable & Compostable, 25x23in, 8 Gallon Bags (30pcs/Roll) (2 Rolls)

Price: $15.99
(as of Oct 08, 2023 03:00:17 UTC – Details)

Completely disposable and biodegradable trash bags for human waste, animal waste, or any waste you so choose! Meant to stuff into the earth’s ground and dissolve away.

* POTTY TIME * When it’s time to go potty, it’s time to go POTTY! Squat and go with these easy to use waste bags
* LEAKPROOF * What a nightmare to think of your own human waste leaking through a plastic bag.. We took extra steps to assure that these durable, heavy-duty waste bags will remain leakproof throughout thick and thin
* BIODEGRADABLE * Made of pure cornstarch, allowing these bags to be bio-degradable and fully compostable.
* SMELL-PROOF * Lock in that horrible stench, don’t worry about your nostrils being filled with waste product