EZ-X CLEAN Ultra Concentrated Water Activated Bleach Tablets for Laundry and Multipurpose Cleaning. 40 Tablets 7.05 OZ Phosphate Free Replaces Liquid BLEACHES (Daisy)

Price: $12.99
(as of Mar 27,2020 09:24:56 UTC – Details)

ez-x clean Bleach Tablets are ultra concentrated bleach tablets. ez-x clean Bleach Tablets are effervescent (water soluble) tablets. Easy to use. Handling is easy and safe when compared to liquid bleaches. Provides safe cleaning, hygiene and bleaching on white textiles and hard surfaces. Eliminates bad odors which can occur in washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, food storage containers, garbage cans, kitchen and toilet water outlets. ADVANTAGES OF THE PRODUCT While liquid bleaches have a shelf life is up to 1 year, the shelf life of ez-x clean Bleach Tablets is 2 years. While activity values decrease in the liquid bleaches under shelf or home storage conditions, the activity of ez-x clean Bleach Tablet remains stable and it retains it’s strength. It is easier to adjust the usage amount of ez-x clean Bleach Tablets in comparison with liquid bleaches. The storage and usage conditions of ez-x clean Bleach Tablets is safer compared to liquid bleaches as there will be no spillage, splashing, dripping or leaking. ez-x clean Bleach Tablets are not corrosive like liquid bleaches. It is easier transport and store ez-x clean Bleach Tablets in comparison with liquid bleaches.

Doesn’t contain hydro peroxide so It doesn’t harm your laundry,,No spill, no mess, no more bleach accidents
child safety cap with gasket. Gasket will make it air proof and keeps the smell in
provides maximum hygiene and protection,laundry machine and dishwasher safe
40 tablets in a bottle 6 scents to choose from

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