Hasbro Toy Factory Steps In COVID-19 Fight By Making Face Shields

Per recent news, famous toy manufacturer and company Hasbro has decided to step in with others in the fight against COVID-19 as it has reportedly started making coronavirus face shields to help protect healthcare workers and frontliners.

Toy Company Joins Coronavirus Fight

As the world continues to keep the coronavirus pandemic at bay while experts and scientists are working on developing the long-awaited vaccine, several unlikely companies have unexpectedly joined the fight in order to help stave off the virus and decrease the number of people that can be infected, one such company is Hasbro.

A well-known toy manufacturer, Hasbro is behind some of the nation’s most beloved board games, such as Monopoly, Candyland and Risk. It’s also behind famous toy lines like Nerf, G.I. Joe, Power Rangers, My Little Pony and the Transformers franchise. Now, a new report reveals that its Cartamundi-owned toy factory located in Massachusetts has temporarily pivoted to making personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers who are serving on the front lines against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Per a report from Gov. Charlie Baker, the Hasbro factory is now making at least 50,000 face shields on a weekly basis for hospitals located in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

This is followed by a message from President and COO John Frascotti, who has gone on record by saying that right now, making games and making PPEs for those who need have the same goal.

“It is our job to make the world a better place for children and their families,” he said.

Besides Hasbro, there are also other toy companies that have stepped to aid in the fight against the coronavirus. For example, a report last week revealed the Danish toymaker Lego has also started making PPEs for both healthcare workers and frontliners and has already started providing it.

According to a report made by state health officials Saturday, there has been an additional 174 coronavirus deaths, pushing the state’s total to more or less 2,700. Furthermore, the state has also revealed 2,400 new COVID-19 cases, which then brings the state’s overall total to around 53,000.

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