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Healthy Living for a Sharper Mind

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Can we prevent Alzheimer’s Disease? 

A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that by lowering the levels of inflammation in our bodies, we can not only reduce our risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease but also dramatically improve our overall health and fight off threats like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, even cancer.

Dr. Hayes Woollen, a primary care physician, and Cheryl Hoover, a registered pharmacist and nutritionist, have teamed up to provide you with clinical evidence and cutting-edge research that will transform your health and revitalize your brain. Healthy Living for a Sharper Mind translates the very best of brain science into recommendations for your life. It teaches you how to use delicious, nutrient dense food as medicine for a healthy mind and body, with innovative recipes that integrate the superfoods you love into your everyday diet to activate your body’s defense systems. The comprehensive plan in this book will reduce the levels of inflammation in your body, reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s and other serious disease, and improve your overall health.