Healthy Snacks

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Heed your hunger pangs, but don’t eat something that will make you
feel guilty afterwards! The bursts of hunger you feel on and off
during a day, are actually a good sign. It means your metabolism is
just fine. Not only that, it also offers periodic opportunities to
top-up on the nutrients required to race through the rest of the day.
The problem, however, is that most people fail to realize this. In the
midst of their hurried lifestyle, whenever hunger strikes, they reach
out for junky fast foods that make them feel satiated albeit with a
bagful of unwanted fats, sugar and sodium too!

If on the other hand, you had a choice of healthy snacks, which were
also easy to prepare, you would have tasty, nutritious and guilt-free
answers to all your snack attacks. This book on HEALTHY SNACKS will
give you just that! By using smart cooking techniques, and the right
proportions of the right ingredients, our team of chefs and
nutritionists has come up with 37 recipes, which you will satiate you
holistically, in terms of taste as well as nutrition, without piling
on unnecessary fat. For your easy reference, these books are clubbed
into four sections.

‘Quick Snacks’ includes no-fuss recipes like Oats and Poha Sukha Bhel
and Date and Apple Shake, which can be whipped up in a jiffy. ‘Crunchy
Snacks’ are perfect for those rainy monsoon days or lazy Sundays on
the couch, when you want to much on something crispy with a nice movie
showing on the TV! Shove away the pack of chips, and go for Flax Seed
Crackers with Beetroot Dip or Baked Oats Puri.

For brunch or supper, when you want a slightly heavier snack, try one
of the ‘Snacky Meals’ like Paneer and Spring Onion Wrap or Mini Bajra
Onion Uttapa. And for those cosy evening chats when your children
return from school or the adults from office, opt for toothsome and
energizing ‘Snacky Tit-Bits’ like Moong Dal and Cauliflower Greens
Appe or Mixed Sprouts Open Toast.

Now, let’s all hear it for ‘Happy and Healthy Snacking!’

Welcome to the digital version of Tarla Dalal’s Healthy Snacks! You can now carry your cookbook with you wherever you go. Although this book contains the same delicious and inspiring recipes as the print version, you might find the look-and-feel a bit different, due to the changes we have consciously implemented, to make using this eBook easy and interesting for you.

All the items in the menus are directly linked to the relevant pages, making navigation a breeze. Just click on any chapter in the Table of Contents, and you will be taken to a list of recipes in that chapter. Just choose, and click on any of those recipes, and you are ready to start cooking it, with the clear recipes and lovely images to inspire you. If you are in doubt about any of the ingredients, worry not… just click on it and you will be taken to the glossary section of our website,, to view a simple description and easy explanation of the culinary usage of that ingredient. Many recipes are enhanced with their video links, so you can even enjoy watching your favourite recipes being prepared right in front of you.