How Long Does It Take?

With the COVID-19 pandemic going on, more and more people are starting to ask just how long the coronavirus testing will last as well as how long it will take before they get their results.

What We Know About COVID-19 Testing At The Moment

As of now, coronavirus testing kits are still rather limited in the country. However, there is still some good news to be found since more types of testing (as well as more tests) are slowly becoming available to the public. The challenge, however, is that at the moment, testing is quite uneven, especially when it comes to finding a testing site in your area and waiting for your results to come in if you do get tested for the disease.

Because of this, the situation is a bit complicated. But here’s what we know:

Where To Get A COVID-19 Test

In most cases, you can check in with your local health officials to check if there’s a testing site in your area. The easiest way, however, is to ask your doctor for the referral because you will need a doctor’s order in the first place in order to get an appointment with a testing facility.

But we encourage you seek immediate medical attention if you’re already suffering from symptoms or think you are already high-risk.

Once you do get the green light for testing, you will usually get directed to a drive-through testing site or a clinic. If you’re in a medical facility, make sure to wear a face mask in order to protect yourself.

In any case, the most common type of test today is a nose swab, where a doctor will swab the inside of your nose for several seconds until it reaches the upper part of your throat. This will then be sealed and sent to a laboratory.

When You Can Get Results

In theory, you should be able to get your results within hours. But since other factors can come into play (such as where you live and the amount of people that took the test), it may take a week or more for you to get your results back. Once your results are available, a doctor will then contact you to let you know if you’re safe or not.

coronavirus-testing-ap More testing is needed in the United States before the country can reopen, according to a study from Harvard Matthias Schrader/AP

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