How To Contribute To Coronavirus Research Without Leaving Your House

Most are now confined to their homes left with nothing to do. Technology has eased things a bit, allowing most to surf the web, watch videos, listen to music and interact via different social media sites. But the key thing missing is productivity.

Some put up ways to cope with being in isolation. Some try to come up with chain letters/ messaging while others try to spur up some kind of game to get people occupied. For those who have nothing better to do, criticism directed at government officials or personalities can be seen – clearly, things that are not helping anyone left in the walls of their home. However, there are ways to help in the fight against the coronavirus and learn a bit from it in the process.

One of them is through some games where folks can become citizen scientists. One does not have to be a specialist to engage in these efforts, the results of which could help scientists in developing proper solutions towards the dreaded disease. One app to check out is Foldit, an online game that challenges people to fold proteins, which will help them understand the structure and function better. Participants just have to design antiviral proteins that could bind with the coronavirus. With some luck, this could be a prime source in the current search for a vaccine against COVID-19.

If hypothesizing is not ideal, perhaps helping in tracking efforts will do to keep homebodies active. As most know, tracking people who have been infected by COVID-19 has grown quite relevant these days and an online surveillance project called FluTracking could go a long way. This is a 10-second survey that folks can do each week, something that can help track the spread of the coronavirus.

Finally, most are eager to know how people survived the coronavirus. The PatientsLikeMe program allows COVID-19 survivors to share their experience and treatment while they were infected, information that should alert people of symptoms and how to deal with them.

Several people previously diagnosed to be positive for the coronavirus have been cleared and it would be helpful to find out how they were able to get over the hump. Among the popular personalities who were able to steer clear from it include sports personalities such as Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz in the NBA as well as celebrity couple Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, NBC News reported.

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