How To Stay Fit At Home Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Now that President Donald Trump has extended the lockdown to April 30, Americans are likely to spend more time indoors as the number of cases surge. This may force people into leading sedentary lifestyles as crowding in gyms is not allowed. 

Being physically active may be challenging at this point, with uncertainty and anxiety peaking. Physical activity contributes to bringing down blood pressure and cholesterol, while also reducing risk of stroke, diabetes and obesity, among other diseases. These are important parameters to keep immunity in check. Not exercising could be bad for bone and muscle mass too, hence keeping active in these difficult times while being home quarantined is a must. Right now, it is also crucial to maintain good health and well-being. Exercising could help immensely by increasing white blood cells and removing bacteria from lungs and airways.

Instead of feeling helpless at home, being active could reduce cortisol levels and increase endorphins, therefore reducing the impact of quarantining on mental health. Here is a list of certain physical exercises that could renew your mind and body.

Activities To Pursue At Home

  • You can find that neglected skipping rope and use it within the periphery of your house or compound. This could substitute the much needed cardio-workout that you may be missing out on in the quarantine. 
  • Watching videos on YouTube and other apps with tutorials could be a fun way to learn yoga, tai chi and pilates.  
  • If you have weights or elastic bands at home, they may help you do resistance exercises to prevent bone loss and build muscle. If not, you can get creative.
  • For instance, bottled water could be used like dumbbells and if you tie them to a carry bag, they can be even used as kettlebells. 
  • Also, you can do push-ups with the support of the wall, lunges on stairs and squats using a chair, which are all interesting news ways to exercise and move those muscles. 
  • Try to not sit down all the time. Walk briskly up and down the length or breadth of your house when possible. 
  • Also, you can easily dance for 15 minutes or more to your favorite music, just to de-stress. It could make up for your daily workout. Involving children could be a fun activity for them as well.

slouching vs skipping The photo on the left depicts a woman slouching while the photo on the right depicts her performing the opposite leg/arm skip. Expand for the full image. Biofeedback/Erik Peper & I-Mei

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