How Video Games Can Boost Your Mental And Physical Health

Traditionally, video games and gaming in general have always had a negative connotation, and is seen as nothing but a detrimental piece of media to people’s lives. In fact, media critics even called them as nothing but a waste of time, saying that it makes people be less sociable. Even WHO classified video game addiction as a real mental health issue.

However, as the world continues to suffer from the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people have started turning to video games in order to escape cabin fever and boredom as well as socialize with people they can’t see in person.

But besides helping you pass the time, is there actually real benefit to playing video games? Turns out there is. A lot actually, such as improving your mental health, sharpening your hand-eye coordination and even heightening your cognition, memory and overall sociability.

Here are some other benefits a mere 30 minutes of gaming can provide:

Stress Release

Even without this pandemic looming over us, the truth is that the modern world is too stressful for a lot of us, and gaming can help us release those tensions and relax our minds. Stress can be very dangerous to our health if left on their own, and gaming can help us let go of them. In addition to this, video games also help release dopamine from our brains, which is a chemical that helps boost our mood and makes us feel better.

Memory and Cognition

In order to help keep our brains healthy and decrease the risk of dementia, we should always keep it active and challenged. One great way to do this is through video games, especially ones that are puzzle or mystery-based. A lot of video games also help our problem-solving skills, which also keeps our brain engaged and therefore healthy.

Physical Benefits

While most video games are played with a controller, a lot of them also help us get physical, such as the “Just Dance” series, which literally requires you to get up and dance. There are also some that make you get up and exercise, all while having fun.


One of the biggest pulls that video games have nowadays is online function, which essentially lets you socialize and play alongside countless other people from all over the world. Because of this, video games need not be solitary anymore, but a shared experience where like-minded people can enjoy the same thing all at the same time.

Video Game Scientific research has been strongly divided on whether violent video games are a key factor in increasing human aggression. Pixabay

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