Insolife Pocket Bidet – Electric Portable Travel Bidet Sprayer Rechargeable Handheld Mini Personal Bidet Toilet Hygiene for Personal Hygiene Cleaning | Postpartum Care | Perineal & Hemmoroid Treatment

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Product Description

pocket bidetpocket bidet

What is insolife Pocket Bidet?

It’s a portable electric travel bidet sprayer for butt washing after using the toilet. It is easy to carry around and can be hidden in your hand.

Product Features:

1. Effortless auto washing. Continuous, strong, and stable water spray.

2. Insolife portable bidet comes with a 200ML water bottle, and it also can compatibility with ordinary plastic bottles, make it more convenient to use when going out.

3. With USB Type-C charging port and long battery life, there’s no need to replace the batteries anymore.

4. Built-in Low-Noise Motor, Small, discreet and portable, it’s not awkward to use in public.

travel bidettravel bidet

Various uses:

1. Adult butt washing in the toilet.

2. Female hygiene.

3. Babies’ daily butt washing.

4. The elderly, hospitalized patients and pregnant women can use it without bending over.

5. Drivers, office workers and other sedentary people go out to use the toilet.

6. Washing hands or foods like fruits outdoors instead of using wet wipes.

7. With its compact design, it’s portable and discreet. It can be used anytime at office, school, home, and hotels.

travel bidettravel bidet

How to Use:

portable bidet

portable bidet

portable bidet 1

portable bidet 1

portable bidet 2

portable bidet 2


Fill the water bottle with pure water below 100°F


Screw on the sprayer clockwise to use


Press the switch button to start washing, press the button again to switch to high-level


When the water run out, it will automatically shut down in 3 seconds, you can also shut it down by pressing the switch button. Please unscrew the sprayer counterclockwise when unused.

travel bidettravel bidet

[Exclusive Designed & Discreet] The Electric Portable Bidet has two water pressure modes and comes with 200ML water bottle that built-in weighted ball accessories (can take it off when upside down using) to meet your different demands. Portable travel bidet designed 14 holes (different from others several holes) and low noise motor inside, wide spout giving more coverage when washing, which gives you a new refreshing feeling
[Rechargeable & Bottle Replaced] The Portable travel electric bidet rechargeable has USB charging, gives you up to 60 uses on a single 1.5-hour charge. Ensuring your portable bidet sprayer always has power. It’s discreet, portable, and mini travel size. You can easily put the personal bidet into your pocket when you’re on the go, it’s not awkward to use in public. Compatibility with ordinary plastic bottles whose cap size is 28 mm, make it more convenient to use when going out.
[Extreme Experience & Widely Used] insolife handheld portable bidet is a cleaner, greener alternative to toilet paper. Washing with water is much more effective than with toilet paper. Portable bidet as a perfect gift, can widely use for children’s ass washing, pregnant women hygienic care, elderly daily cleaning, patients with acne hygienic cleaning.
[Easy to Carry & Easy to Use] Travel portable bidet is mini size and perfect for personal care hygiene refresher at home, office, travel on the go and more. 45 degree inclination sprayer ergonomically designed for comfortable cleaning, simply fill it up with water press the power button to spray yourself clean. Keep clean whenever you go, wherever you go.
[High Quality & Safe Buy] The portable bidet adapted 100% BPA-FREE ABS materials, non-toxic and harmless. And any problem you encounter, please feel free to message us, we will give you the 100% satisfied solution. The insolife portable electric bidet is safe to buy, safe to use.