Is Texas Really Ready To Reopen Amid Coronavirus Outbreak?

As Texas prepares to reopen, a world-renowned expert shows the projected COVID-19 related death toll has managed to double in the last week alone, revealing that the Lone Star state is far from ready to open its arms again.

Texas State Not Ready To Reopen, Per Vaccine Expert

With the lockdown and quarantine being lifted, the Lone Star state of Texas is preparing to reopen again come May 1 since Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said that the imposed stay-at-home order “has done its job to slow the growth of COVID-19.” However, while the spread of the virus in Texas has indeed slowed down throughout most of April, reports revealed the number of cases is still managing to go up on a daily basis. Furthermore, it’s still unclear whether the state has already reached its peak.

“Now it’s time to set a new course, a course that responsibly opens up business in Texas. Just as we united as one state to slow COVID-19, we must also come together to begin rebuilding the lives and the livelihoods of our fellow Texans,” Abbott said.

To that end, however, world-renowned vaccine and infectious disease expert Dr. Peter Hotez, alongside Baylor College of Medicine, has stated that the state is far from ready to reopen because doing so will create another wave of coronavirus infections and deaths. Per Hotez, he believes that the economic plans put into place by Abbott are sound. But the measures that are in place to help protect public health is very much lacking and simply isn’t enough.

“The problem so far (is that) they’ve been mostly oblivious that the whole thing is going to fall apart in a few weeks or months. We are doing it ahead of when the models say we can do it safely, which says, ‘Wait until June,’” Hotez v.

However, ready or not, Texas indeed plans on reopening come Friday, May 1. As such, Hotez suggested that older people and those with underlying health conditions should still be very careful and opt to stay at home where it’s safer for them and should refrain from flocking to places.

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