Joe Exotic’s Animals Now In Care Of Animal Sanctuaries, Report Reveals

Per a new report, the animals that are in the roadside zoo documented in the Netflix show “Tiger King” are now in the care of various animal sanctuaries in order to make sure they receive the proper care they need. 

Animal Rescue

Recently, a documentary series entitled “Tiger King” on Netflix has been making rounds on social media. And chances are you may already have binge-watched it too, or at least know someone who has. Released just this year, the true crime docu-series tells the story of a roadside zoo in Oklahoma, which was run by an eccentric man by the name of Joe Exotic, who’s allegedly practicing breeding programs and zoo and animal conditions that are considered to be abusive to the animals at his zoo.

The series mainly focused on the major conflict around Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin, who’s the owner of Big Cat Rescue. The feud escalates as Baskin decides to protest against Exotic, who retaliates by deciding to hold big cat shows that allow guests to pet the animals. A lawsuit stemmed from this, which resulted in Exotic’s zoo spiraling out of control. He then hired someone to murder Baskin, which resulted in his arrest and later conviction.

For many, however, the true stars of the docu-series are the animals, which have been allegedly abused by their former owner turned convicted criminal. Thankfully, a new report reveals that some of them have already ended up in good hands after getting transferred to a wild animal sanctuary located just half an hour outside of Denver.

Currently, 39 tigers and three bears that once belonged to Joe are now under the care of the facility, with the staff saying that most of these animals arrived with a health problem. Furthermore, a lot of them are also not used to having enough space to roam around.

“It’s not about the Netflix film, it’s not about anything other than we are trying to give them the best life possible,” Becca Miceli, a staff at Wild Animal Sanctuary, said.

At the moment, the sanctuary is temporarily closed due to the pandemic.

tiger Netflix’ Tiger king tells the story of a roadside zoo run by an eccentric man turned convicted criminal. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

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First Edition: April 6, 2020

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