Mega Snacks (50 Count) Variety Care Package Gift Box – College Students, Military, Work or Home – Over 3 Pounds of Snacks!

Price: branded individually wrapped snacks. Sweet, salty, crunchy, chewy – it contains a mixture sure to please anyone. - BETTER BRANDED SNACKS: The Mega Snacks Variety Care Package Gift Box from Mr. Snackbox contains a variety of 50 better
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Each Mr. Snackbox 50 Count Mega Snacks Variety Care Package Gift Box Includes:

(4) .67 oz Pringles Original Flavor Snack Stacks (2 Original, 1 Sour Cream and 1 Cheddar)
(2) 1 oz Popcorners (flavors vary)
(2) 2 oz Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Bite Size Cookies
(2) 2 oz Austin Animal Crackers
(2) 1.5oz Oreo Minis Bags Original or Golden Flavor
(2) 1 oz Pepperidge Farm bags of Cheddar Goldfish
(1) 1.75 oz Gardettos Original Flavor
(1) .8 oz Popchips (flavors vary)
(2) 1.5 oz Cheez-Its (Original and/or White Cheddar)
(2) .84 oz Quaker Oats Granola Bars (chosen from chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip & dark chocolate chunk)
(2) 1.42 oz Nature Valley Oats ‘n Honey Crunchy Granola Bars )
(2) Lorna Doone Shortbread Cookies (6 cookies in each pack)
(2) 1 oz Planters Peanuts
(2) Lance Toasty Peanut Butter Crackers (6 crackers in each pack)
(2) Lance Nekot Peanut Butter Crackers OR Lance Captains Wafers (6 crackers in each pack)
(2) .65 oz Charms Blow Pops (flavors vary)
(2) .28 oz Original Slim Jims
(2) .5 oz Fruit Rollups (flavors vary)
(4) .8 oz Welch’s Fruit Snacks
(3) .78 oz Rice Krispie Treats (flavors vary)
(2) Mini packs of Skittles
(2) at least 3-2 piece packs of Starburst (chosen from Original or FaveReds)
(3) .55 oz Airhead Bars (three chosen from these flavors: cherry, orange, grape, mystery white, blue raspberry and watermelon)

Quality Care Packages
We use the utmost care and pride in packaging each of our boxes with the freshest products available. All cookies, bars and crackers are packaged in the middle of the box to minimize shifting during the shipping process.

*** Any substitutions made will be with a similar product. ***

PACKED WITH PRIDE: Carefully packed in our crush-resistant box (with a built-in handle) to ensure a smooth journey to your doorstep. Our box measures 14.75” x 11.75” x 3.75”. All snacks are hand packed in a Mr. Snackbox box (not a manufacturer’s box) but still in the individual product’s original wrapper or bag.
FRESHNESS GUARANTEED: We guarantee your snacks will arrive within at least 45 days of their expiration. Additionally, the earliest expiration date is clearly labeled on the outside of each box.
FAST SHIPPING: Using Amazon’s exceptional shipping services, your package is sure to arrive intact and on-time.
A GREAT GIFT FOR ANYONE: The Mr. Snackbox 50 Count Mega Snacks Variety Care Package makes a great gift for almost anyone including military members, college students and long distance friends or relatives….or just for you! If you’d like to include a special message with your box, select ‘Gift’ at checkout.

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