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Menstrual Cup Steamer Sterilizer, Ahtimur Portable Menstrual Cup Wash Kit, High Temperature Steam Sterilization, One Button Control, Comes with Two Reusable Period Cup, Great Partner for Women Travel

Price: $31.99 - ($29.99 / Count)
(as of Aug 17, 2023 08:00:26 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Say Goodbye to the Inconvenience, Farewell to the Embarrassment, Cleaning the Menstrual Cup Has Never Been Easier!

Ahtimur menstrual cup sterilizerAhtimur menstrual cup sterilizer

Ahtimur Steamer Sterilizer

High Quality Material – Made of excellent PP to ensure its stability and durability, BPA-free, safe and healthy;

One-Button Automatic Design – You only need to press the switch before bathing, and then you can get a sterilized menstrual cup after bathing;

Compatible with Cups of Any Brand – The egg-shaped lid is deep enough to easily accommodate menstrual cups of different brands and sizes;

Easily Put in A Travel Bag – Compact design, easy to carry, it is an excellent companion in travel;

Ahtimur Menstrual Cup

Say goodbye to tampons and sanitary napkins, no need to worry about falling or spilling; The Ahtimur menstrual cup is the latest breakthrough in the feminine hygiene industry. It is an ideal substitute for disposable tampons and sanitary napkins that have been used for many years.

Clean your cup in three simple stepsClean your cup in three simple steps

Clean Your Cup in Three Simple Steps

1. Remove the lid and add 1 teaspoon (5-10mI) of purified water to the center of the steam sterilizer;

2. Place your menstrual cup stem-side up on the inner platform of the steam sterilizer replace the cover;

3. Plug in the steam sterilizer. If the light is not on, press the button to start steaming your cup;

Note: The button can only be pushed once per cycle. If the button cannot be pressed, it means that the button has been pressed. Simply add 1 teaspoon (5-10mI), plug in, and let run until button pops out.

Double design cover and Drilling design

Double design cover and Drilling design

High temperature steam sterilization

High temperature steam sterilization

comes with menstrual cup storage bag

comes with menstrual cup storage bag

Upgraded Design

Internal protrusions and drilling structure help generate steam;

The double-layer cover is more durable and can prevent burns;

Better Than Boiling

High-temperature steam can quickly sterilize within 3 minutes and will not harm your menstrual cup;

Two Cups and A Storage Bag

Choose the right cup according to your physical condition. Beginners recommend starting with a small size;

Storage bag can help you organize your cups;

Spend Your Menstrual Period with Ahtimur, Enjoy Running, Dancing, Swimming and Yoga!

Cute and practicalCute and practical

High Quality Materials, One-Button Operation – The cover made of excellent PP material adopts a double-layer design, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and keeps you away from burns; The one-button design is very easy to operate, can automatically cut off the power, no longer need to spend time to take care of.
Compatible with Most Period Cups – The egg-shaped menstrual cup sterilizer is not only cute, but also has the right curvature, which means it can be compatible with most period cups on the market; The internal protrusions and drilling structure are conducive to the generation of steam and the placement of the period cup.
Two Soft and Reusable Menstrual Cups – Say goodbye to tampons and sanitary napkins to ensure comfort and environmental protection; Each Ahtimur menstrual cup cleaning set comes with two soft and reusable menstrual cups, one large and one small, so you can choose to use them according to your needs.
Portable Travel Style, Easy to Carry – Ahtimur 3.3 * 3.3 * 7 inch menstrual cup cleaner can be put into your travel bag without stress, which is very suitable for travel or family use; At the same time, it can also be used as a storage box to keep the menstrual cup clean until the next use. Highly recommended cleaning tools for feminine care and beauty products.