Montana’s Wildlife Agency Converts Social Distancing Into ‘Fishtancing’

As a state, the Rocky Mountains and plains of Montana have the third lowest population density across the United States. Interestingly enough, that didn’t stop its very own Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department from coming up with creative ways to recommend social distancing to people, which is a measure being encouraged to help stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

So what did the department do? Well, convert social distancing to social “fishtancing,” for example.

Social Fishtancing

Recently, Montana’s Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department has converted the countrywide recommended six-feet social distancing rule – which is encouraged to help flatten the curve of the raging virus pandemic – into social “fishtancing,” which is essentially just expressing the gap in terms of the lengths of several fish varieties.

For example, the recommended six feet is now “4 trout,” or “2 shovelnose sturgeon

,” “1 paddlefish,” or even “1 fishing rod,” all according to a Twitter post that the agency itself made.

“If you do go out, please remember to recreate responsibly. This is Montana FWP’s fisheries recommended 6′ of safe social distancing. #406feet  #COVID19MT #Fishtancing,” the agency tweeted.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter users shared their amusement of the unique fish guidelines, which is something that a lot of people need during such a worrisome time in the country.

“Had no idea that a paddlefish was that big – thanks for the chart – it’s fascinating,” one user wrote, while another tweeted “I lived along Rattlesnake Creek during graduate school in Missoula. Would’ve been more like 8 trout.”

As a state, Montana is known for its magnificent and spacious wildlife parks and conservation areas such as the Glacier

National Park. Its mountainous placement also gives way for great agriculture, scenery and generally just a great outdoor experience.

And while the state’s parks remain open for the time being, visitors’ centers and offices are all closed, in line with the state’s efforts to help flatten the curve and slow down the spread of the pandemic. Additionally, schools are also closed.

So far, the state has had 65 confirmed coronavirus cases while there are still no reported deaths.

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