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Morpilot UV Flashlight With Batteries, 2 in 1 Back Light & White Led Flashlight 5 Modes 500LM High Lumens Handheld Blacklight UV Torch Urine Detector for Spot Carpet Pet Urine Stain Catch Scorpions

Price: $10.99
(as of Sep 29, 2023 23:00:15 UTC – Details)

Product Description



Morpilot 2 in 1 led flashlight torch (white light flashlight +black light torch) with 500 Lumens 4 lighting modes

Bright your life:

Combine the UV Light with regular White Light in just one torch! Satisfy all your different needs !

2in1Blacklight Flashlight, special designed with UV beam light and white light beam, allows you to detect urine and stains of dogs, cats and other pets on carpets, rugs, clothes, furniture, floors and much more. With Zoom IN/OUT Design: Adjusting field of view, easier to Spot Carpet Pet Urine Stain, Scorpions, authenticate currency, driver license, official identification cards, passports. More conveniently, it can be changed into white flashlight, which is helpful for indoor outdoor hunting camping hiking hunting, and BBQ.







Zoom out / in handheld Flashlights

Spotlight: Under normal conditions, light is a spotlight that is viewed from a distance.
Floodlight: The handheld flashlight body rotates outward for large area illumination.

White Led Tactical Flashlight

Made of XP-GR5 CREE led, 500 Lumen super bright .
Not only for household use, but also perfect for camping, hiking, mountaineering, travelling, emergency, etc.

Flashlight and UV light

Due to the 395 nm wavelength, the UV Blacklight torch can show and highlight spots.
Adjusting field of view, easier to Spot Carpet Pet Urine Stain, Scorpions, authenticate currency, driver license, official identification cards, passports


2 in 1 UV flashlight

UV Flashlight Application:


4 models: High brightness; Low brightness; Flashing; UV
Pets Stain Detector
Cleaning Stain Spot
Identifying Fake Card or Currency
Create Stunning atmospheres at gigs and parties
2 in 1 UV Flashlight
Zoom out / in with Spotlight and Floodlight
395nm UV detection handheld Flashlights
Convenient to carry with non-slip design

UV LIGHT Wide Applications of UV Torch

Practical life scenes include:

✔ Hotel room cleaning inspection.

✔ Hunting scorpions and other insects.

✔ Identifying counterfeit, banknotes, stamps, anti-counterfeit labels and official identification cards.

✔ Detect dried urine and stains on carpets, curtains, or sheets easily

✔ Inspecting repairs or cracks in antique porcelain, jewelry or glassware.

✔ Inspecting automotive and industrial fluid leaks.

✔ Help find the fluorescent substance contained in baby clothes or cosmetics; It shows purple light towards the things that do not contain the fluorescent substance and shows blue light that contains fluorescent brighteners


handheld Flashlights Specifications:

Material: Durable aerospace grade aluminum alloy with drop resistance.
Head: The head is made of lotus, which has stronger impact and can smash glass for self-defense.
Lens: tempered ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coated convex lens for a wider range of aperture.
UV: 395nm UV detection is clear, high brightness.


You can press the button at the bottom to quickly and easily select your favorite mode-High white light – low white light – SOS – high led uv black light.


Waterproof: IPX4

Lighting distance: 350m

Material: Aviation aluminium

Powered by: 3 * AAA batteries (included) or 18650 Li-ion batteries (not included)

You will get:

1x Morpilot 2 in 1 led torch

3x AAA batteries

1x User manual

☼ 395NM UV Flashlight: As an Essential tool for matching Pet Odor Eliminator to eliminates stains & odors. You can easier to spot carpet pet urine stain and scorpions, to authenticate currency, driver license, passports.
☼ LED Tactical Flashlight: This 500LM tactical flashlight is made of sturdy and lightweight aviation-grade aluminum, portable to carry for camping hiking, or hunting with a pocket clip.
☼ Zoom IN/OUT Design: Our 2 in 1 led flashlight is adjustable to control the field of view. Circle Floodlight for large area illumination; Intense Spotlight for long-range observation.
☼ 4 Modes with Battery: 3 AAA batteries included. Own 4 modes: High brightness, medium brightness, Strobe, (Blue)Ultraviolet. Deeply press the tail switch to turn on, half-deep press the switch to select the operating mode.
☼Gift: UV flashlights can be as gift for your friend and you. Black Light flashlight will your best choice during daily use.