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Motivational Quotes by Black Women That Will Change Your Life: Uplifting Positive Affirmations for Wisdom, Confidence & Growth from Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Iyanla Vanzant, Shonda Rhimes & More

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Inside are hundreds of impactful, life-changing quotes by some of the most influential Black women in history!

The media has not always done a good job of representing Black women. Whenever I turned on the TV, and didn’t see anyone that looked like me, it affected the way that I saw myself, inhibited my ability to love myself, got in the way of me accepting myself, and put mental limits on my dreams and my vision for my life.

A lack of positive Black female examples and figures to look up to perpetuated the false idea that Black women are not achieving big things worthy of admiration. But all throughout history, whether depicted or not, Black women have been inspiring others, setting records, breaking ceilings, and achieving extraordinary feats despite the odds against them.

It is my mission to create books that empower the everyday Black woman with words that will uplift us, cause us to see how unstoppable we are, and push us to live up to our limitless potential.

This is one of those books.

You can use these quotes as affirmations. Think of them as powerful words to live by from powerful women.

These quotes will help you:

Learn wisdomGain inspirationGet motivatedBoost your confidenceRewrite your beliefsProgram your mind with positive thoughtsLearn about influential Black women in history

This is a great gift for any woman or girl of any age:

Give the gift of wisdomGive the gift of positive thinkingGive the gift of self esteemGive the gift of pride in your people and your heritage

This book is quick, easy to digest, and, most importantly, easy to incorporate into your daily life without a lot of extra time or effort. If you also get the audiobook, you can be reprogramming your mind and learning about amazing women in history while you drive, eat, clean, workout, or even sleep.

Get this book today for you and for someone you love!