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My ARM DAY workout!! Pump was CRAZY after this!

NEW Workout Program!

It’s arm day baby!! Haha, hey guys! Today I got a bicep and tricep workout for any of you who are looking to achieve strong lean arms. This workout is a perfect example of what all of my arm sessions look like. I make sure to hit my biceps and triceps in varying angles to hit each head of each muscle and concentrate on mind muscle connection. I love to life heavy but when it comes to arm training, I rather scale it back a little and really focus in on control and the squeezeeee rather than just swinging some heavy weight around. All sets, reps, and weight amounts have their time and place in your training and it’s important to know when it’s most appropriate for each thing.

Arm day is my last training day of my training week and I already get some good contact on them through my week indirectly with my other push/pull muscle groups so this is a great way to tie everything together! Whether you train arms on their own day or incorporate a few exercises into an upper body day, it is still important to be doing some isolation work for each just for the purpose of muscle symmetry and development.

Give it a go and let me know what you think!
Hunter xx.

P.S – New video camera alert! You can now set that video to 4k baby!!! woot woot. It’s a fancy shmancy camera so the settings and lighting and blahblahblah is going to take me some getting used to so bare with me through this “hunter learning how to use her camera” stage LOL Okay byee guys!




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1a. Alternating bicep curls 4 X12
1b. Reverse Close Grip Cable Push Downs 4 X12
2a. Close Grip (V-BAR) Cable Push Downs 4 x (15,12,10,8)
2b. Straight Bar Close Grip Curls 4 x 12
3a. Standing Wide Grip Curls 4 x 15
3b. Incline Bench Overhead Tricep Cable Extensions 4 X 12
4a. Single Arm Tricep Cable Push Downs 2 X 20
4b. Single Arm Cable Hammer Curls 2 X 20

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