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My Extreme WEIGHT LOSS Journey | HOW I LOST 20 KGS (In Hindi) | Meri Kahani by I'MWOW

My Extreme WEIGHT LOSS Journey | HOW I LOST 20 KGS (In Hindi) | Meri Kahani by I'MWOW

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About this video

Shubhangi Pandey from Lucknow who is an IT professional from last 7 years gained her weight in 2020. She used to be a little chubby from the start due to which she also faced some challenges in Groom Hunting. However Her thyroid levels got spiked up and weight reached a Whopping 84 KGS in 2020. She started losing her confidence too from where she decided to change things for better. She took a beautiful step and joined I’MWOW transformation Program with which she not only lost around 20kgs but also gained her confidence back. She is now confident, fitter and healthier.

Watch Shubhangi’s Extreme Weight Loss Journey Through this video in Hindi.

Hope you find this story – “Meri Kahani by I’MWOW” inspiring and motivational.


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