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My Heating Pad for Cramps and Lower Back with Full Body Strap | Perfect Microwave for Sore Muscles, Stress Relief, and Relaxation | American Made Hot Packs for Pain (Purple)

Price: $24.99
(as of Sep 06, 2023 21:00:27 UTC – Details)

Product Description

MHP Logo
MHP Logo

My Heating Pad Adjustable Lumbar & Abdomen Heat Therapy Pack is designed to provide you with Hot Therapy for maximum relief from aches and stress that your body builds up and deals with on a daily basis.
Unlike electric heating pads, this microwavable natural heating pad easily wraps around your back or abdomen without the inconvenience of cords attached to the product.
It provides you with the Hot Therapy you need while you’re cooking, relaxing around the house, driving, working on the computer, exercising, and more.
The pack is also ideal for the Lumbar/Lower Back area- back pain, sore and tense muscles, bruised areas, as well as menstrual cramps or stomach discomfort.

Back Belt Main
Back Belt Main

Belt Strap
Belt Strap

The pack has an adjustable elastic strap that fits most sizes and allows you to conveniently wrap the pack around your lower back or stomach.
Portable, convenient for travelling and to take on long journeys.
Simply heat one and half to two minutes in the microwave for Heat Therapy.
Natural cotton fabric on one side, soft fleece on the other.

Back Belt microwavable
Back Belt microwavable

Heating Instructions

Heat in the microwave for 90 to 120 seconds. Add increments of 30 seconds for additional warmth.
Reheating the product in the same session should be done after 12 minutes minimum.
Heating times are based on a 1000-Watt microwave. Please adjust according to your microwave.wattage. Do Not Overheat!

Filling ingredients:

Flax-seed and Rice.

For those who are sensitive to scents, please note that there may be a mild scent of rice and flax-seed when the product is heated.

Additional Heating Tips

Do not wash or wet the wrap. If it gets dirty, simply clean with disinfectant wipes.
Make sure that the wrap is clean and dry before heating in the microwave.
Place the wrap on a clean dry plate.
Make sure that the wrap is folded so it does not touch the sides of the microwave.

Use it for warm or heated knee therapy

Knee wrap
Knee wrap

Target Areas
Get relief from menstrual cramps & back aches. Elastic strap holds the wrap in place.
Use it on knees, elbows, stomach. Or as a bed warmer on chilly nights.
Fits most parts of the body, with a convenient handle on each end.
Heat therapy for your neck, shoulders, upper back. Restore tired, achy muscles.
This set will get you covered – Neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, abdomen, eyes, head, and more.



Natural Filling Ingredients

Lavender Scent Option

Elastic waist strap to wrap heating pad around your body for mobility and give deep heat therapy.
Hot and Moist Therapy. Rice & Flax Seed are natural ingredients for Holding Heat and Staying Warm.
Made in USA. DIMENSIONS: 21 x 4.5 x 1 in; WEIGHT: 1.5 pounds; INGREDIENTS: Rice and Flax Seed.
12-Month Seller Warranty – if you’re not completely happy, please let us know so we can make things right.

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