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Natalie Noel's 6 Month Body Transformation

Natalie Noel's 6 Month Body Transformation

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Natalie Noel took it upon herself to change her life both mentally and physically by sticking to a fitness regiment and becoming the best version of herself. Watch Ilya take Natalie through her transformation where she loses 30 pounds in 6 months! SHOP THE NATALIE NOEL BUNDLE that includes XEELA® Ashwagandha gummies, The 8 Week Fitness Guide by XEELA® in collaboration with Natalie Noel, The Limited Merch Drop and more all at

Natalie went from:
164.3lbs to 134.4lbs
37.3% to 26.6% body-fat
8:32 to 6:39 mile time

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Directed by: Jack Cook
Instagram: @_hjcook

Directed by: Duncan Heger
Instagram: @dunchegs

Produced By: Ilya Fedorovich, Alex Neumann, and Isabela Lopez