NatureZway Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions Bamboo Kitchen, Bathroom & Hand Towels | Reusable & Washable | Perforated | 25 Sheets Per Roll |

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Price: $7.49 - $6.99
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Product Description

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Bamboo paper towels Bamboo paper towels

Bamboo Paper Towels

The EZ way to clean green

Use just like a paper towel but with no guilt! Tree free means just that, our bamboo paper towels are made with absolutely zero paper from trees.

A sustainable paper towel alternative

By using bamboo as an alternative we are able to sustainably source. That means more trees not less.

100% Virgin Bamboo Pulp

Soft and Strong

Lint Free


Made with renewable plant based materials

No added dyes or fragrances


Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is from the Grass family and is easily renewable.Fast Growing and matures in only 3 years.Takes up less land space.Uses less water than trees.Requires Zero pesticides to grow.Reduces soil erosion.Reduces greenhouse gases and captures more CO2 from the atmosphere than trees or cotton.Our Bath Tissue is made with 100% virgin bamboo with no recycling material in it.


Our Promise

At NATUREZWAY Inc., our brand promise is to provide our customers with home products that are made from renewable and sustainable materials in an effort to improve their quality of life and the planet.

Our products offer our customers the best value and provide superior functionality. Bamboo being the primary resource for our products, after disposal, leave minimal and or no harm to the Earth.

Harvested from strictly managed bamboo forests and proper maintenance practices for regenerative growth. Our bamboo pulp production is a closed loop system which diminishes pollutants to the environment.

REPLACE CONVENTIONAL PAPER TOWELS: Buying one roll of bamboo towels is equivalent to 2,500 paper towel sheets. How? One sheet alone can be reused up to 100 times and since one of our rolls comes with 25 sheets, you get 2,500 uses for one roll. That is similar to buying 25 rolls of a leading brand of paper towels for around $30-$40; it’s a big money and space saver when you think about this compared to one roll of our bamboo towels.
MULTI-PURPOSE: Our bamboo towels can be used exactly as you would use a regular paper towel, with the additional benefit of being able to hand wash and rinse it out. It works and feels like a cloth, but you can reuse or discard each bamboo towel as you see fit. These towels are fantastic on almost any surface, but they work particularly well for kitchen or bathroom cleanups and spot-cleaning upholstery, floors, and windows.
DURABLE & ABSORBENT: Bamboo towels are more durable and absorbent than traditional paper towels so you’ll reduce the total number of towels needed to clean up any spill, saving you money and contributing to less waste.
WHY BAMBOO PRODUCTS: Bamboo is from the grass family, so it grows fast, is easily renewable and matures in only 3 years. It takes up less space and uses less water than trees to grow, requires no pesticides, and reduces soil erosion. This eco-friendly material for wood-based products provides the exceptional quality you expect while also helping the environment.
CHOOSE NATUREZWAY: We are an environmentally focused company that provides eco-friendly products to help save the earth and make the world a better place for you and your family. We provide practical solutions to current environmental problems caused by consumer products. Our earth to earth product philosophy allows us to respect our planet’s limited resources while delivering the safest products to our consumers.