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OmniPEMF has announced the worldwide availability of NeoRhythm, a gesture-controlled neurostimulation headband that uses pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology.

NeoRhythm emits scientifically validated dominant and accompanying frequencies to which the brain synchronises, aiming to create a mental environment for the desired state of mind (i.e. rest and relaxation or energy and focus).

The PEMF technology in the headband encourages the wearer’s brain to mimic external signals provided by NeoRhythm, which is known as “brainwave entrainment” – the brain’s ability to adjust its brainwaves to external frequencies. The process of doing this intentionally is similar to the effect of a calm song relaxing the mind or a train ride makes you feel sleepy. The rhythm of the wheels matches a brainwave state that encourages sleep and relaxation, and the brain takes a cue from the movement of the train and mirrors the rhythm.

The headband features five non-invasive magnetic-field-producing coils to offer large and precise stimulation. The device can be used in five different positions to better reach the area of the brain that needs to be stimulated and the wearer can choose from six stimulation programs, all of which are backed by scientific studies in the fields of PEMF and repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS):

  • Improve sleep: Helps the brain slow down and go into sleep mode by emitting frequencies of theta and delta brainwaves, which are naturally produced by the brain when we are sleeping.
  • Deep relaxation: Alpha brainwaves are dominant in the brain when we are calm and relaxed, yet still alert. The headband emits corresponding accompanying frequency of delta waves, and the brain synchronises to reach a state of calmness.
  • Enhance mental capacity: This mode emits a dominant frequency of beta brainwaves, accompanied with a weaker frequency of gamma brainwaves, which are characteristic for the state of higher perception.
  • Pain control: This program emits dominant gamma brainwave frequency with accompanying alpha brainwave frequency to decrease sensitivity to pain.
  • Meditation: Stimulates the brain with dominant theta waves, which are ideal for deep meditation, or dominant alpha waves, which are characteristic for a state of quiet focus.
  • Energy plus vitality: Energises and re-vitalises body and mind through two different mechanisms: brainwave entrainment to coax the brain into a state of higher perception and direct re-energisation of cells through the generated electromagnetic fields.

Marko Kadunc, CEO of OmniPEMF, said: “For decades, PEMF technology has been used in expensive wellness devices, but OmniPEMF has taken that technology and put it into a small and affordable wearable device for anyone to use. Millions of people worldwide struggle with sleep, focus and anxiety. After collaborating with neurostimulation researchers, professionals and other experts to ensure our product is top of the line, we’re extremely pleased to bring NeoRhythm to market, giving people the power to change their mental state on demand.”

With the gesture control, wearers can turn on and start one of NeoRhythm’s programs with a double tap of their fingers next to the LED light. The device can connect and be controlled through the mobile app.

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