New Petition Calls For More Exercising Space In New York Amid Pandemic

Per a new update, more than 120 people went on to sign an online petition that calls for more road space in the Big Apple to be closed off in order to give way for cyclists and people who want to exercise amid the coronavirus pandemic.

New Petition Calls For More Exercise Space

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic that’s still ongoing, a lot of families and residents have taken to the streets in order to get some lockdown exercise by walking, running or cycling in the closed off roads. Unfortunately, many motorists had been caught speeding on these nearly empty roads, which poses danger for a lot of people.

As such, a petition had started to call for more roads to be closed in order to give way to cyclists and pedestrians who want to exercise while still maintaining proper social distancing practices.

“Almost everyone is really trying hard to comply with the government advice but it is just not possible on York paths and pavements with the extra demand. Cyclists and runners are trying to maintain a pace they are used to in order to maintain a higher fitness level. Families need to get out together to stay sane,” Maeve Pearson, campaign member, said. “Older, disabled and unfit people need to walk really slow and sit down frequently. Kids and dogs need some amok time to burn off energy. All these needs are incompatible as people are funnelled into constrained spaces set aside in the city for these kinds of activities. We need to reassign road space.”

As such, the new petition (spearheaded by the York Cycle Campaign) calls for more roads in New York to be temporarily closed off to motorists and drivers.

“Given the significant reduction in traffic city-wide this measure would not add to traffic congestion or inconvenience drivers, and instead it would open up a network of safe quiet streets for cyclists and pedestrians,” the petition states. “We’d also like to see temporary cycling space created on some of the main roads through the city, particularly in bottleneck areas including bridges over rivers, rail lines and the ring-road.”

Exercise Health experts recommend following a healthy lifestyle with exercise and proper diet to reduce the risk of contracting the novel coronavirus. Pixabay

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