New-Skin Liquid Bandage, 1 Ounce (Packaging May Vary)

Price: $6.99
(as of Mar 27,2020 22:46:35 UTC – Details)

New Skin Liquid Bandagee 1.0 FL OZ bottle of liquid bandage with brush applicator. Don’t let your skin slow you down New Skin Liquid Bandage is no ordinary bandage. It’s flexible enough to suit your needs—be it a huge scrape now or a small blister you need to prevent on your daily running rub. Rapid drying and waterproof, our bandages keep up with your active life and keep you moving. New Skin provides antiseptic treatment for hard to cover cuts, wounds, scrapes, calluses, and dry, cracked skin. New Skin Liquid Bandage dries rapidly to form a tough protective cover that’s waterproof and keeps out dirt and germs while letting skin breathe. Used to protect cuts and scrapes, prevent and protect blisters, cover painful hangnails and chapped or cracked finger tips, and prevent the formulation of calluses. Particularly useful for runners, athletes, dancers, hikers, bikers, bowlers, golfers, tennis players, fishermen, and musicians. Use it to protect the wounds you already have or to prevent the ones you don’t. New Skin Liquid Bandage is the bandage that stays on.

COVER & PROTECT: Use Liquid Bandage when you need a flexible seal to protect hard to reach cuts, scrapes, wounds, calluses, & dry, cracked skin; It dries rapidly to form a tough, waterproof barrier
WATERPROOF & INVISIBLE: Liquid Bandage helps prevent infection in minor cuts & scrapes; Our innovative formula dries clear, is waterproof, & stays put; It’s great for protecting blisters & calluses
BEYOND BANDAGES: New Skin’s liquid & spray formulas not only provide antiseptic protection, they go beyond regular adhesive bandages to form a flexible, waterproof seal that stays in place & keeps germs out
NEW SKIN: When bandages don’t cut it, think New Skin the liquid solution you simply spray or brush right on the skin; It acts as a shield against germs in a way regular adhesive bandages can’t

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