New York Hospitals Administer Intravenous Vitamin C To Seriously Ill Patients Amid Pandemic

As per the latest update, hospitals in New York are reportedly administering high dose of vitamin C to patients that are in intensive care, in a move that is based on reports recently coming out of China.

Intravenous Vitamin C

Per reports, doctors in China are apparently finding success with the protocol with their patients. As such, a 23-hospital network in New York has also done the same to about 700 patients so far, with hopes that the high dose of vitamin C can help boost their conditions. Additionally, as of Tuesday, the same patients also received an additional immune boost with hydroxychloroquine and antibiotic azithromycin doses, both of which are antimalarial drugs that show promise as potential coronavirus treatment.

“Each dose is more than 16 times the National Institutes of Health’s daily recommended dietary allowance of vitamin C, which is just 90 milligrams for adult men and 75 milligrams for adult women,” an update from the New York Post revealed.

As for why vitamin C is being used amid the pandemic, it’s because it has two major functions that hold great potential in treating COVID-19. First off, the vitamin can act as a powerful antioxidant. And second, it can also be a cofactor for enzymatic processes.  Alongside the vitamin, quercetin supplements could also be helpful in COVID-19 cases.

Additionally, the treatment also has no known side effects and is readily available, inexpensive and very simple to administer, meaning that there is no risk involved at all in the process.

IV Vitamin C was also shown to be a potential vaccine for severe wine flu sometime back in 2009, which is why it’s no surprise that both Chinese and American doctors are trying to see if it can provide the same effects to COVID-19, especially knowing that there is no risk involved.

To that end, however, only time will tell if it will prove itself to be the vaccine or treatment that the world needs right now. Nevertheless, experts are saying that the chances are more or less favorable.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the world.

Vitamin C Vitamin C may ward off colds to some degree for people under intense physical stress (marathon runners, skiers, soldiers, etc.) in extremely cold weather. There is no evidence to support this effect in the general population. PxHere

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