New Zealanders Head Straight To McDonald’s After Lockdown Gets Lifted

After a successful lockdown that lasted more than a month in order to curb the coronavirus pandemic, New Zealand finally lifted the stay-at-home protocols and went straight to McDonald’s for a treat.

New Zealand Lines Outside Fast Food After Successful Lockdown

While most of the countries and nations around the world are still struggling with the coronavirus (America, for example), some are already successful in curbing the pandemic and, as such, are rewarding themselves for it with a Big Mac.

This is because after five-week lockdown that turned out to be very effective in breaking the coronavirus chain, New Zealand has officially come out of lockdown Apr. 28, resulting in hundreds of hungry Kiwis that queued from midnight until dawn outside of McDonald’s in order to get food once it reopens at 5:30 in the morning.

Per reports, dozens of cars queued before dawn in Christchurch and Wellington, even going as far as to force authorities to create a special McDonald’s queue lane in Gisborne. 

Following this, Prime minister Jacinda Ardern also hailed the kiwis in their ‘incredible work’ to help curb the coronavirus pandemic, allowing the country to downgrade the alert level from Level 4 to a Level 3. This meant that many shops can now reopen and gatherings that include 10 people are now also permissible for both funerals and weddings. Additionally, schools are also set to reopen, given that precaution and safety measures are still observed.

After quickly imposing a lockdown back in March, New Zealand has only suffered from only 1,124 confirmed cases and 19 deaths – which even includes two additional cases in the last 24 hours.

Fast Food Rewards

In order to help update people, residents in Gisborne even launched a Facebook group called ‘How long’s the line at Maccas Gisborne.’

Besides favorites like Big Macs, cheeseburgers and Quarter Pounders, barista-brewed beverages were also made available again in other coffee shops and stores.

“It’s thrilling and exciting after a long haul. I’m looking forward to some good business because hospitality has suffered a lot,” Roop Kaur, owner of the Mulberry Tree cafe in central Wellington, said .

 McDonald's Hundreds of Kiwis reportedly lined up outside McDonald’s after the country lifted its coronavirus lockdown. Robert Alexander/Getty Images

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