No New Deaths, 57 Additional Cases Reported

Oregon reported no new deaths related to the COVID-19 pandemic on Wednesday, the first time since late last month after cases swelled to nearly 2,059. Oregon remains one of the states with a lower number of coronavirus cases, placing them in the lower half of regions plagued by the disease.

As of this writing, at least 302 people are hospitalized due to the pandemic as of Apr. 22 and 35 are on ventilators. It was also reported by Oregon Live that at least 595 people have already recovered from the COVID-19 virus.

In terms of claimed lives, the Oregon Health Authority revealed that there have already been 78 deaths from the coronavirus. One of them is a 70-year-old man who passed away last Mar. 14 in Multnomah County. Another fatality was reported on Apr. 5, a veteran country-western dance instructor.

Based on the data given, it appears that people aged 50 to 59 years old have been affected moreover in Oregon with 380 reported cases. Individuals aged 40 to 49 were next at 366 and citizens aged 60 to 69 had 361 cases.

Over 41,000 locals over in Oregon have been tested for COVID-19 since the first case cropped up last Feb. 28. This is although Oregon is one of four states with the lowest testing capacity rate in the United States. The Trump administration relayed that Oregon tested fewer than 30 in 1,000 people in a month.

Oregon Public Broadcasting noted how the coronavirus had disproportionately affected the Hispanic population of the county. Twenty-two percent of Oregonians who tested positive are Hispanic compared to 13 percent of the overall population.

Cases involving medical facilities have not been spared as well. A Kaiser Westside pharmacy situated in Hillsboro was forced to close last Apr. 6 after seven of its staff tested positive for COVID-19. An employee from the Oregon State Hospital also tested positive for the strain.

The accuracy of cases from Oregon still leaves a lot to be desired. It appears there is a backlog in test processing and officials have been struggling to provide better figures for COVID-19 test results. Thirty-one cases have been linked to Oregon’s 36 counties. Some states have yet to provide documentation on their end such as Baker, Gilliam, Harney, Lake and Wheeler — all located in the central and eastern parts of the state.

Contact Tracing and COVID-19 Contact tracing aims to prevent the spread of the virus at a certain area with is a more targeted effort that involves directly connecting to at-risk people and advising them to self-isolate.  Pixabay

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