Portable UV Light Sanitizer Wand – Foldable UVC Disinfection Lamp Sterilizes Germs Viruses & Bacteria in Seconds – Disinfect at Home, Traveling, Office – EPA FCC CE Certified

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The Savvy Beauty Foldable Sanitizing Wand

Did you know?
What’s the dirtiest thing in a hotel room? Of course, it varies from room to room and from hotel to hotel, but researchers at the University of Houston took bacteria samples from several items in hotel rooms in three regions of the United States. The toilet, shower and sink come to mind, but it’s actually the TV remote and the switch on the bedside lamp that had the most bacteria.
Meanwhile, researchers from the University of San Diego were in three U.S. cities, testing for bacteria in office spaces. The worst culprits? Chairs and telephones.

Luckily, we’ve found your solution!!

Start combating germs and odors while traveling – or at home – with the Savvy Beauty Portable Sanitizing Wand. With advanced UV-C light technology, this little powerhouse kills up to 99.9%* of germs and allergens on hard surfaces. It also destroys odor-causing bacteria and sanitizes without chemicals, irritants** or residues. FCC Laboratory tested for effectiveness, This UV Wand is ideal for remote controls, mobile phones, headphones, music players and more. Reduce germs and bacteria waiting for you in hotel rooms, public restrooms or at work with the Portable Sanitizing Wand. Lightweight and portable, it fits easily into a purse or briefcase.

Plus, rest assured you will have great customer service! Message us at anytime or ask us a question on our listing above. Say Bye Bye to Germs and Press Add to Cart Now!!!

✅ 10 SECOND STERILIZATION – Turn on the UV light, simply sweep the UV light wand across the surface or stuff you desire to clean, it makes the environment safe and clean in 9 seconds without damaging any surface. Completely Non-toxic, Zero residue/odor and no secondary pollution. (Avoid direct exposure to the human body, pets or plants).
✅ SANITIZING WONDER WAND – UV Light Wand made your life easier with a simple press and scan. Apply directly to surface of sofa, bed, bathtub, towel, mat, carpet, keyboard, mouse to eradicate germs. Enjoy a healthier life with less cause for concern.
✅ PORTABLE PROTECTION – Foldable, Rechargeable, Lightweight and easily stored in a hand bag, back pack or luggage when traveling. Rest assured you’ll have your sanitizer whenever needed!
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