Rainbow Set of Sensory Mat Massage Game Mats for Kids Orthopedic Massage Puzzle Floor mats

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Price: $59.99
(as of Dec 01,2021 18:20:32 UTC – Details)

The development of flat-foot and the deterioration of the foot among children is a very common phenomenon and often becomes a worrisome subject for parents. Doctors-orthopedists recommend using orthopedic mats “Ortho”, which, by the way, will become a great addition to any kids bedroom interior due to their bright colors. These mats are easy to store – they can be assembled into a puzzle of any size. For the best medical treatment results specialists recommend combining various surfaces to create individual orthopedic mats! The Rainbow set of Massage Game Mats includes several kinds of surfaces: Hard grass – the surface of the module imitates the grass of the meadow. The stiff blades of grass stimulate the acupuncture points of the foot; Pebbles – the surface of the module looks like the soft pebbles of various sizes and acquires pleasant pressure to all of the receptors of the foot, which strengthens the immune system and improves the blood circulation; Thorns – is a moderately firm surface of the mat, which helps form a stable musculoskeletal system and good balancing skills; Cones (just like Acorns)- the module will remind you of a pleasant walk in the woods, and the cones as well as acorns of various sizes will help prevent flat-foot and develop good posture; an “Island” – in the middle of the mat there is a semi-sphere shaped like an island, if you stand on the island itself – it repeats the ideal shape of the arch of a healthy foot. If you put your feet on either side of the island, at shoulder-width, and hold the sphere with your feet like a “pigeon-toed bear” – the exercise will work in reverse – you will strengthen the outside of the foot, which will prevent flat-foot and develop a certain proper muscle memory for your foot; Spikes – the surface is covered in soft spikes of various shapes, it helps relieve the fatigue and heaviness in the legs, which can be very useful to both children and adults!

Orthopedic Puzzle Mat Contains: 7 Modules
Set Contains: 1 soft stones, 1 spikes, 1 cones, 1 hard grass, 1 thorns, 1 sand, 1 acorns
Dimensions: square puzzle – 9.8х9.8” (25х25 cm)
These orthopedic mats for children are easy to store – they can be assembled into a puzzle of any size.