Separett Tiny Waterless Urine Diverting Toilet with Urine Tube – NEW FOR 2021!

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Price: $999.00
(as of Dec 01,2021 07:03:49 UTC – Details)

A small toilet for smaller spaces: Tiny is the latest of Separett’s urine diverting products. After several years of development of urine diverting toilets this has led to the simple and flexible design of Tiny that is a perfect fit for small spaces. High capacity: Thanks to the urine separation, both the smell and the volume of the waste that must be disposed of are reduced. This model of Tiny is installed with a ventilation pipe that is pulled out of the toilet space and a urine hose from a 32mm pipe in the back of the toilet. If the toilet is being used in a permanent home of 2 people, the solid waste container needs to be emptied once per week. Urine is led to an external container which is emptied when needed. Hygenic and odorless: The operational reliability of Tiny is high and the installation of the toilet is easy. The fan exhales the small odor that is formed, despite urine separation, and also contributes to a better indoor climate by constantly keeping the air in the space in motion. The fan is effective and silent and most effective during continuous usage. View screen: The view screen hides the solid waste in the container and is pushed to the side when you sit down to use the toilet. This results in that you only see the toilet waste when it is time to empty the solid waste.