Should We Wear Gloves To The Supermarket Amid Coronavirus Outbreak?

As the fight against the coronavirus pandemic continues, a new report reveals that gloves aren’t helping at all and should all be coming off and left at home.

The Gloves Are Coming Off

The new report comes despite recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to not do so. Some shoppers continue and even insist on wearing gloves whenever they go out for shopping during the coronavirus pandemic. This gesture has left public health experts and doctors sighing in disbelief since the gloves are not only ineffective, but may even be contributing to the spread of the virus to unwilling people.

This is because the virus is primarily spread through our mouth, meaning that there is no evidence that wearing gloves will stop you from picking up the virus. The usual risk comes from touching our faces, a habit that most people do with or without gloves.

“The biggest issue is that people are picking up COVID-19 from other people,” Marilyn Roberts, a microbiologist and professor at the University of Washington’s Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences, said. “Wearing gloves if you’re just going to the grocery store isn’t going to be that protective. The bigger issue is the inappropriate disposal.”

Unfortunately, it’s likely that the average shopper isn’t well-versed in proper glove disposal, with many of them just littering with their tossed out gloves.

“In medical school, we spend whole lessons on how to don gloves and remove them,” Dr. Niket Sonpal, assistant clinical professor at Touro College of Medicine in New York, said.

The biggest problem, however, is that people who wear the gloves give them a false sense of security, which can mean that a lot of them may not be as careful or might be more careless in their actions.

As such, experts insist that they’re not needed and are just adding to the trash problem. Instead, just make sure to wash your hands after you go out and following a shopping list in order to reduce your time. Practice social distancing as well and always make sure to be responsible.

Exam gloves Research reveals that wearing gloves does not help protect against the coronavirus. Image courtesy of www.mountain

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